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Unilever Việt Nam tuyển dụng Regulatory affair assistant In E-mail




Position: RA Assistant


-      Initial check claims, artworks for HPC and Foods; marketing advertising/activation materials to make sure they are in compliance with current regulation in terms of Regulatory Affairs.

-      Pre- check and give initially input for Quality Declaration preparation of import and local Foods.

-      Check and prepare submission dossiers to apply for the local cosmetic notification at HCM DOH.

-      Check submission dossiers to apply for Cosmetic advertising at HCM DOH; Local Foods advertising at HCM Agriculture and Rural Development Department.

-      Follow up status of advertising dossiers/notifications/QDs of PC + Foods that submitted authorities at HCM.

-      In corporate with R&D to support for company’s export by applying and obtaining CFS at HCM DOH/ HCM Department of Trade and Industry.

-      To do PR and payment related to sponsorship projects

-      Take care to order and arrange complementary products to delivery to authorities on Tet, National Day…occasion for RA contact in HCM and Hanoi

-      Responsible for logistics for RA team activities in HCM  such as Local Claim Forum, Regulators side audit, Factory Audit related to Regulators contact...

-      Storing and maintenance Notification, QD, Advertising materials, Official Authority Letter (in and out) in scanned and hard copy; updating master file of those on time

-      Support in doing compliance check of market samples every quarter.


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