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Thông báo Cuộc thi ảnh lần 2 của Silk-road Universities Network In E-mail


PHOCOS 2017 The 2nd Photo Contest of Silk-Road Universities Network



    It is our great pleasure to announce that the 2nd PHOCOS [the Photo Contest of SUN (Silk-road Universities Network)] is now open for application. As decided in the last year’s award ceremony, the theme of the 2nd PHOCOS is “The Roads: People, Culture, History, and Scenes on the Silk Road.”

Details schedule

Dead line: ~August 31st, 2017

Result announcement: September 30th, 2017

Exhibition period: November 8th~11th,2017(Main building of Ho Chi Minh City University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Vietnam)

Awards ceremony: November 11th,During the closing ceremony of the general assembly of the SUN (Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam)


Students from members of the Silk-road Universities Network(SUN)

*Nonmembers of universities of SUN are eligible for application, but no additional other than certificate will be given.


File name: Name – Name of the work – Nationality Ex.) Hong Gil Dong – Photo – Korea.jpg

File size: Up to 10 MB or less

File extension: Digital photos in JPG format

*If a work is selection of another contest or submitter does not have legal rights to the work, the works will be excluded from examination.

How to apply

Check on the announcement on the SUN website(www.sun-silkroadia.org)and submit your works along with the entry form (One person can submit up to 5 photos, but cannot duplicate prize.)

Prize &Privilege

<Common privilege>: Certificate of awards. Eligible to participate in the 3rd General Assembly of SUN and the opening ceremony the 2017 Ho Chi Minh City - Gyeongju CultureEXPO.

(All the winning works will be exhibited on the digital exhibition of the homepage of the SUN and exhibition during the period of the 3rd general assembly of SUN at Vietnam.)

Grand prize (1): Common privilege, accommodations,and a round-trip plane tickets to Vietnam.

Excellence award (2): Common privilege, and accommodations. (Round-trip plane tickets must be paid on their own.)

Special selection (5): Common privilege (Round-trip plane tickets and accommodations must be paid on their own.)

Selection (10): Common privilege (Round-trip plane tickets and accommodations must be paid on their own.)

Hosted by

Silk-road Universities Network(SUN)

United Students of the Silk-road Universities Network(USSUN)

Sponsored by




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